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Simon Fletcher

This message to me pretty much sums up a Shanny apologist in the umpth degree:
"Shanahan apologists? What an ungrateful sack of **** you are. You can't let things go and just appreciate the greatness that Mike brought to this franchise."

The "he can't do no wrong" attitude is what many here (me included) thought because of his past and blindly ignoring the present (2007-09).
It is discussable since it is football related. I don't ever want to be that big of a homer and not see the other side. MattMVP and Wolf were the very few who would criticize Shanny for some of his game plans and/or hires on his staff and players. Everyone except Lonestar appreciates his early days as the Broncos head coach. You have to be a retardo or Lonestar (could be the same thing) to not give him his due credit back then and also 2005.
Did the firing help him realize he is not God and you can't live off the past? Not sure but I think he has a huge goal to achieve this Sunday. Some redemption for his career stats.
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