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CJ Anderson

May I offer a ads of caution. Back in the days of yore. 1996 Denver was ranked top ten in both offense and defense. With a second seed and first round bye on the playoffs, THE EFFFFFFFFFFING JACKSONVILLE JAGOFFS CAME TO MILE HIGH AND KICKED OUR ASSES! Guys this isn't baseball where stats came help predict the future. This is football and it bounces fun sometimes. Besides stats have a way of trucking you sometimes. Look at last year. We faced the number one pass defense in Pitt. Yet teebs passed 316 yards on them. Why? Pitt had to stack the box and left their corners one on one. Then there was the Pats last ranked pass defense. Considering Pats had a powerful offense other teams fell behind often. This forced other teams to pass on them more often resulting in giving up more yards. But you guys know all this. All I'm saying is each game is its own chess match not a continuation of a single match.
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