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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post

Serious question for you lonestar. You seem to really hate it when a certain poster suggests they have a favorite player or anything else. Its not just me, I remember you were in it with some other dude who was talking about Thomas and you said "so you've got a bromace with DT, thats nice". Seriously dude what is your issue? People have favorite players, whats the problem with that?
He rarely has anything good to say about any Broncos players. The guys he has drooled over (Peyton Hillis, etc.) ended up sucking balls anyways. In over ten years of posting with him on football forums, there isn't a quality take on a player that can even be remembered. He openly embraced Josh McDaniels and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. You already know his Tanahan daft doodle discussions to a T.

You are trying to get sense out of a guy who dismissed guys like Marshall, Dumervil, Clady, etc. all because of the level of competition they faced in college, regardless of the fact that they are top(s) at their respective positions in the NFL. He is a negative Nancy, who thinks that he has something to offer in regards to a good opinion because he has been a "fan" since Day 1 and was a lineman back when dudes put on leather helmets.

He is a farce and a sham, and as stated (from his own typing) -- his only purpose on this board is to troll.

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