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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post

Serious question for you lonestar. You seem to really hate it when a certain poster suggests they have a favorite player or anything else. Its not just me, I remember you were in it with some other dude who was talking about Thomas and you said "so you've got a bromance with DT, thats nice". Seriously dude what is your issue? People have favorite players, whats the problem with that?
the whole idea about a message board for fans is so they can talk about the team.

I have zero issues with that..

when someone really drools over a player then IMO is is a bit unhealthy..

when folks point out that the players are not all that, people get there butt hurt and defend them to the nth degree.. then it becomes fair game..

I have said since dumb asses first DUI that he should be gone and that his numbers have slipped and that WW would be just as good if not better mostly because he is a smart player..

OM is the bigs not your ordinary football forum, time to grow some or hair up.. or go back to namby pamby BC..

as for the DT comment I do not recall it but there must have been a real love fest going on about him, To my knowledge I have never had an issue with him since day one.. therefore some must have really been drooling about him..
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