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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
The entire point is not what the broncos wanted, its what BL wanted after he saw a ****ty QB come in. It's ok. Your eyes will open soon enough.
Lloyd was b****ing and asked for the trade BEFORE Tebow played. And the Club traded him in between the Miami game ( Tebow in relief) and Tebows first Start. I am sure that it was a "suck for Luck" move plus what Lloyd wanted because of Orton and Tebowas no one in the FO thought Tebow would go on a win streak the way he did. They thought Trading Lloyd would give us a little more room to move up if needed.

Basically it was a bad move predicated on a bad ( but probably reasonable) guess. As soon as Tebow got the Miami win it started to go wrong for the
FOs thoughts. We could have used Lloyd WITH Thomas and Decker more than just Decker alone as it would have gave us two intermediate to deep threats. And that is the one pass Tebow CAN hit consistently.
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