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Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
ZONA did you take the time to read either of those blog postings? Just curious.
Yeah, I did. Both seem to make an argument against those who are saying that Doom is having a bad year. I never even came close to saying that. The 2nd article went into much more detail about defensive scheme's and what not. Stating that Doom's stats have regressed a little due to him lining up in that Wide9 that he doesn't bull rush as much as he speed rushes. Maybe, I have seen Doom bull rush quite a bit this year. They also mention that he won't be able to stunt as much because he's lined up so wide. Ok, I can agree with that but just because a guy is lined up wide doesn't mean he's only got 2 choices (speed rush, bull rush). I haven't seen many swim moves this year or spin moves either (if you remember, Freeny lined up wide also and he used a ton of spin moves). But the guy is making a case that Doom's production is down just a bit because of what the team is asking him to do. That's all I said as well. He's playing good, but because he hasn't quite had the sack totals from a few years ago, he just doesn't look quite as special. Again, that's nowhere close to saying what these articles are defending, that some people suggest he's not playing good at all, which is stupid.
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