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Originally Posted by troyjbath View Post
Lol, Pats fans talking about this thread.

and some of them get it;

Recent history means nothing. Anyone playing at home has an advantage. Teams which have lost at home in the past was not because homefield was bad for them. They just didnt take advantage of the bye/homefield and played like crap and other teams played better. Going purely by #s our team this yr needs a bye more than most pats team in the past. They are beat up/injured and tired and playing physical home game vs the bengals then the broncos and whoever in the 3rd game will take its toll.
You can keep believing broncos have played no one but they beat who they supposed to beat. Didn't succumb to bad teams at home and took advantage of it.Doesn't mean they cant win 2 playoff games at home .Sometimes you need some easy wins to get your confidence and team going and thats what they did.
By no means they can think pats cant win playing 3 games on the road, but playing 2 is better than playing 3 so they do have an advantage.

and this guy;

Being healthy is the main reason the bye is a big deal and we arent healthy right now.Playing in denver in AFCCG after a bye is a better chance for us than playing them without one. And Bengals are a physical team which is going to take toll on us too.
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