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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
You know what the difference is between us (outside of my clear superiority in intelligence, looks, humor, athleticism, penis size, etc) is? I'm here talking facts (ie Shanahan a front runner for coach of the year, crushing your D argument with the actual stats, etc) while you're just deflecting with personal insults that aren't even remotely grounded in reality.

I don't even have to work to make you look stupid because you're doing it to yourself with every post. Your insecurities are showing on a pretty epic meltdown level though, so please proceed.
uh huh, right my insecurities? Look at how much you insult people on this board in your posts.

Proof is all there. And that SCREAMS insecurity.

You instigate and of course I will call you out on all your personal issues.

But you know what if it helps you survive, go ahead. Whatever works for your delusional brain. Everyone knows exactly what you are. You are real easy to read, ironic that you wrote a book.

edit: just to show how delusional you are about this defense argument. Ask the bears what happens when you rely on turnovers.

But are they? Is this Redskins defense really playing playoff-caliber football? They gave up 411 yards to the Eagles on Sunday and have allowed an average of 383.1 yards per game for the season, making them statistically one of the worst defenses in the league. The reason they are 9-6 is that the defense has held on just enough in critical spots to support a very high-scoring offense. And because of a plus-14 turnover differential that ranks among the top five in the league. The Redskins' coaches have been working harder than ever with their defensive players on the importance of forcing turnovers since the team emerged 3-6 from its Week 10 bye, and the message is getting home.
I watch every game. I know you don't, so you should probably stop attacking posters when you have no clue.

Don't bring your life issues into society man. Don't be a disease.

and someone who feels the need to mention the bolded part is clearly lacking in those areas. Stop embarrassing yourself

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