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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
blame game. You are so innocent, yet so delusional at the same time.

Go take your drugs. Please don't associate innocent children with yourself. That's the biggest polar opposites. I hope they save themselves, because I know for sure your book will **** them up if they read it.

I haven't even looked at your book, but judging by how you act on this board; God help anyone who reads the **** you write.

You are the remarkable one for sure.
You know what the difference is between us (outside of my clear superiority in intelligence, looks, humor, athleticism, penis size, etc) is? I'm here talking facts (ie Shanahan a front runner for coach of the year, crushing your D argument with the actual stats, etc) while you're just deflecting with personal insults that aren't even remotely grounded in reality.

I don't even have to work to make you look stupid because you're doing it to yourself with every post. Your insecurities are showing on a pretty epic meltdown level though, so please proceed.
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