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Originally Posted by El Jefe View Post

Are all fan bases this paranoid? I see the same **** on my alma mater's message boards (one of the top 5 programs ever, too). "Oh, no, I'm scared to play this team or that coach. I'm scared and don't want any part of that team."

Nut up and play the best.
This is not all about having guts to play the best. As a Broncos fan, I love watching the Chiefs and Chargers suffer because of coaching. I am sure the AFC West was laughing it up when we had McDaniels.

With that said, tearing through the AFC West like we did this year is kinda boring though. To have a good rivalry, both teams have to be good. I would much rather beat the Chiefs in arrowhead when they are in the running for a playoff spot rather than beating down a team that has all but given up.
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