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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Here's a different slant. It's the AFC Championship game. Denver vs ?

Denver up by 4 with 2:30 left and the other team has the ball and a shot to go to the Super Bowl.

Who do you want to see on the other side, Brady, Flacco , Dalton, Luck or Shaub.

I know the mentality has to be any team any where but pick a QB if you had to . In a league where teams cheat and try anything for an advantage I think it an advantage not to face Brady with the Super Bowl on the line. There is something to be said for playoff harden QBs/coaches

I'm kinda leaning toward playing NE at home on a Saturday night with a week to prepare and not facing a so battle tested QB in the AFCC game

It seems so simple yet people that think like this are idiots according to way too many posters.

I think it is the way I worded the thread title. If I have titled it "Would be be better off with the #2 seed this might be a way different thread, instead of bashing me maybe people would think about the situation and what would be the best scenario for the Broncos.

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