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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by hambone13 View Post
Did you think his angle on the Stokely penalty was accurate, most importantly that it was intentionally excessive?

I thought his excessive commentary was blatantly anti-Bronco. Stokely doesn't go out and b**** like he did if he knows he's wrong.
I thought it was a play designed to rub the receivers, but I felt like Stokely flopped to try and sell PI on him. I'm not accusing Stokely of being a regular flopper, but it was the right call. If someone is that wide open, especially against one of the above-average defenses in the NFL, then probably something happened. I think the refs were pretty ticky-tacky yesterday, but they were so both ways.

My experience with the color analyst guys is by and large they don't favor a team, but they favor a squad. Offensive guys tend to side with the offense. And defensive guys tend to side with the defense. I think they empathize more with the position they play. I think there are times when they might heap praise on good players and not as much on lesser known players, even when both make equally amazing plays. However I don't notice too many color analyst guys "hating" on one team or another. I'm neutral on most of the announcers and less neutral on the color analysts.

Announcers I don't like:
Mike Tirico - he's so fake.
Beth Mowens - I don't like female announcers. It's sexist but it's distracting to me.
Spero Dedes - I don't "hate" him but he's one of my least favorite.
There's a few fox guys on here, but I am not familiar enough with them to remember them right now.
Joe Buck - This guy is just too uppity for me. He's very good at his job, technically speaking, but he seems like a snob to me.

Analysts I don't like:
Randy Cross - This is one guy who I actually think has a personal problem with the Broncos. I don't like his greasy hair or his weird facial hair.
Matt Millen - It's impossible to take this fraud seriously after what he did in Detroit.
Rich Gannon - I actually like Gannon but I hate how he adds syllables to words that don't exist - especially the way he pronounces athletic like "ath-a-letic," for example.
Tony Siragusa - This fat idiot needs to shut up. He adds nothing to the games. He's an annoying third wheel.
Mike Mayock - He's too much. He talks about what he knows, but no one wants a combine report or a break down of a player's technique during a game.

Favorite Announcers:
Gus Johnson
Brent Musburger
Brad Nessler
Jim Nantz

Favorite Analysts:
Cris Collinsworth - I think he's the best
Steve Beuerlein
Kirk Herbstreit
Troy Aikman

The rest are more or less the same to me, but I would say more on the above-average level.

For production value I think NBC does the best followed by CBS, ABC college, Fox, ESPN MNF and a distant last place to the NFL Network.
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