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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
My point isn't a "complaint" or a "sky is falling" declaration. But my point stands. The Broncos are a very good football team. But we don't run the ball very well. The OL frequently struggles to open up holes in the running game. And the numbers bear this out. We're 18th in the league in rushing and average only 3.8 ypc. I'd like to think that with defenses having to key on Manning we'd be a little more successful running the ball. And if we were how unstoppable our already good offense would be. The passing game would be that much more effective. A minor concern of mine going in to the playoffs. May come a time we need the running game to come through for us and I'm not 100% sure it's up to the task.
I think it would be helpful if Denver didn't telegraph 75% of the runs. Manning waves the WR or TE in to block....attack the line of threat to pass. Those plays are often blown up, which makes the numbers look terrible.
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