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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
Is that the reason why it was moved? What BS.

Even worse, my area was a shoo-in to get our game, now almost certainly it's gonna be MIA/NE.
I doubt they moved it for that reason.

The schedule for the AFC late games was going to be KC-Denver and SD-Oakland. Out of thsoe I would want to see the KC -Denver more, but the advertisers would not care much for either, and the ratings would be poor.

So they moved the NE-Miami game ( which will probably be a NE rout anyway) but gets to Showcase Tommy Terrific and the Cheatriots.

Better for adverts. It does tick me off...I will be in Hawaii next week, and the Denver game might have been shown there until the NE switch. Guess I'll have to take my laptop and hope to stream it now.
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