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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Posts like this tell me Baja doesn't understand America, sports, or being cocky and arrogant which we are great at!

Could you imagine Mannings face if a player said I would rather be the 2 seed so we can avoid Pats if possible. Hell no you have to have confidence you can beat anyone!
Some of you people really have me wondering if there isn't some dummy dust being sprayed in the air.

If Houston loses it not only gives the Broncos the #1 seed it also gives the NE Patriots the #2 seed and a bye. Is it worth it to help NE that much is the question. This is not about avoiding the Pats it's about as a Bronco fan wanting the hardest road for them. Beat KC and we will play the Pats, I'd rather not wish them a week of rest before we do it.
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