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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Let me add it see,Ed to me we jumped into zone coverage opposed to man during the game and all of sudden they started moving the ball.
Do what we do best and stay with it.
Yesterday we also had Porter in ( who immediately got dinged and went out in the 1st quarter), and Carter was not active ( a BAD decision). When Cleveland started moving the ball it was mostly passes to their left...wide open. Carter will be back on the field next week ( I doubt Porter plays again),
and the miscommunication we saw yesterday should not be happening.

As to the D being scored on. Yeah it has been happening and is somewhat worrisome. But the references to the first SD game were wrong. The defense really only allowed 7 points and one drive in the first half, and got put in BAD positions by the offense ( 17 points off turnovers). Down 24 -0
they stepped it up even more and shut out SD in the 2nd half.

The one thing that I do think is finally evening out is turnovers. We are finally receovirng fumbles ( both ours and theirs) and are getting more than giving mostly.
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