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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Didn't Washington have a top 5 defense the season before Shanny took over and switched to a 3 - 4 defense even though he did not have the personal to play it?
Let's put it this way. If you combined Shanahan offense with gregg williams defense, no team would stop the redskins.

Under Gibbs 2.0, the redskins defense was relentless. They didn't have a great 4 man pass rush, but their schemes under williams confused the **** out of opponents.

I know people take shots at him over bounty gate but Gregg Williams is an excellent d-coordinator and he is very confident in what type of players he needs and getting the most out of guys who at best average.

That's why I am so happy the Broncos have JDR (hopefully he doesn't leave). He is one of the best IMO and it makes a huge, huge difference. Especially when on the other side there is Manning leading the O.

But yeah, the shanny staple is to win with offense. All his teams are usually below average on defense and that's dicey way to win SBs. I think the past 10 years, you had Indy who was a horrible D just suddenly get hot in their SB run. You had the packers who weren't that great, but still had playmakers on that side of the ball.

The saints are basically the way shanny will ever win another SB. Very similar to the Denver SB teams. Tremendous offense with HOF QB and solid running game and an average defense that does just enough. Greg Robinson and Gregg Williams took average defenses and had just enough deception in design and blitz schemes to complement high octane offensive teams.

edit: baja, short answer to your question. Under Williams they were top 5 but that was under Gibbs 2.0. I think year before Shanny (under zorn) it was top 10 or hovering somewhere around 10-15.

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