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Originally Posted by ghostofjosh View Post
regardless of what happens, it will be either Denver or New England coming out of the AFC and Green Bay or San Fran coming out of the NFC IMO
I think that people are overlooking Atlanta, and they will have HFA for the NFC. While you don't get the feeling that they are peaking they are pretty solid.

SF will have to go on the road if they get past the 5 seed, who is Seattle. And Seattle is really hot, having just put a beat down on them.
I don't think that Seattle can win 3 on the road, but they are the team to worry about the most, and if they play SF in the divisional I think they will win that one.

Minn or Chicago as the 6 are not to be feared, and the NFC East is hot garbage, no matter who it is. Washington is the likely 4th, and can take either of those two, but won't get past round two, at Atlanta.

So that means that Seattle goes to GB for round two.

The winner of that game will go to Atlanta.
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