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Pass is...IN-COM-PLETE!

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Just because you wish for something, it doesn't mean it's going to happen.

According to Adam Schefter, Scott Pioli is not even one of the top four GM candidates to be fired.

And who even knows which QB or prospect will be at the top of the draft board once it plays itself out. Going by history, QB will probably go No. 1, weak class or not. But I am going to laugh if Tyler Wilson ends up becoming the top QB prospect and seeing Queef fans try to rationalize and sell a guy they didn't even want.

You're 2-13 and there's nothing to brag about here. New/old management could still screw up the pick. Here's hoping the Queefs draft somebody equivalent to this group >>>>>>> George, Maryland, Emtman, Wilkinson, Carter, Keyshawn, Couch, Courtney Brown, Carr, Palmer (no playoff wins), JaMarcus, Bradford (Joey Harrington II).
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