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Just like the mane, one week somebody is a hero the next they're sketchy. 3 guys muffed punt returns tonight. Holliday, Leonard and Cribbs. We've gone over and over this. The Broncos are using Holliday the right way. When the other team is punting on their side of the field Holliday is going to return them. He drops too many for sure but he's returned several to the house and has had many nice returns. He's a weapon you can't just sit on the bench. Manning had an INT today, I don't hear anybody griping about that turn over.
The problem is that it keeps happening. Every week he fumbles the ball or muffs the catch. It's as if he is trying to fill a quota or something.

Sue, he's dangerous, but I am not seeing any progress in terms of protecting the rock. None.
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