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Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
Actually this isn't true at all.

The Chiefs have a very good young offensive line, with just about the best bookend tackles in football with Albert and Winston, who have both been terrific this season. Combined they have allowed something like 5 sacks. Albert has earned a big contract extension.

If Bowe is resigned, the Chiefs will have a very good pair of starting WR with him and Steve Breaston. Jon Baldwin is probably a bust but the Chiefs can find a third WR somewhere.

Tony Moeaki also looks like he has recovered from his knee injury and though he doesn't have great numbers, since Week 7 he has been productive for the Chiefs.

With Charles proving he is an elite back and fully recovered from his knee injury Geno would have an elite running attack lean on as a rookie. That could potentially be a huge factor in his development.

Finally, we know the Chiefs have a defense that will keep them in most games. It's amazing that this team could have easily beaten Oakland, Indy, Denver, Pittsburgh and Baltimore if the offense and quarterbacks hadn't completely **** the bed in all those games. The D was great in all of those losses and kept the team in the game.

You're probably looking at a .500 team next year in KC if Geno has a good rookie year.

We're certainly a much more attractive team than the Jags or Raiders, who both have terrible offensive lines and really, really bad defenses.

BS on hit and miss Charles and Moaki hasn't done a thing this year and well BOWE is Bowe...............

Rest of your receivers did less than BOWE.................

Quinn sure has to run around a lot if that line is so solid............

Only thing your right about is a defense.............

Thing is you have had a defense before and couldn't get out of your own way to find a decent offense..............

Thing is you had a good offense with Holmes and then GREAT LINE and decent QB with Green and yet couldn't find your way to a defense...................

Your franchise is clueless and I feel sorry for whomever they draft///////////////Manning shunned you fools for a reason.

If you were just lacking a QB and had such a great organization..................Manning would have returned your calls.

Nuff said.....................
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