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I still think Denver is prone to getting scored on. That's my only qualm. In their losses and in the game against San Diego, Denver's defense was getting flattened. Those losses weren't even close until the 4th quarter. Philip Rivers imploded, and I think we all knew that sort of win/loss was the kind that changes seasons (it totally reminded me of the season shift when the 4-4 Raiders came to Denver in 2002). No team really scares me except New England -- and that's because Tom Brady is the only QB that can hang with Peyton Manning. People suggesting we bail on the #1 seed are being idiots. Homefield advantage is gonna be a huge difference maker in who makes the Superbowl out of DEN/HOU/NE. The Broncos can handle Houston in Houston, but I sure as hell don't want to be going to New England and running into Belichick/Brady/the weather.
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