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Bradley Roby

Baja has a good point, what would be even sweeter though is winning the number 1 seed and having NE lose next weekend too to still remain a wild card team and Houston with a loss would swap places with us for the #2 seed.

Then NE gets to play three games to make it to the big Dance and will go through Houston first .. should they win their wild card game .. before ever possibly coming to us at Mile High for the AFCC game, already beat to a pulp by two other hungry playoff teams.

NE is looking a bit tired the last two games and injuries are mounting. Tom Terrific even looks like he needs a couple weeks off. So forcing them to go through the wild card process is a good thing.

We can NOT take the Chiefs lightly here next week. This will be their SB and while we should win handily we all know that when it comes to the Chiefs we can only gloat about stomping them after the fact each year as the usually split with us anyway historically no matter how good or bad each team may be in a given year.

Good news is we will know about the Houston-Indy (at Indy) and NE-Miami (at NE) games next week before our late game at 4:15pm EST. If Houston loses we still have to play KC like it means everything.

if both teams Houstion and NE win we still ahve to play lights out to win to insure our bye week. But if Houston wins and NE loses we could rest key players and play Brock and an assortment of younger backups for much of the game as it wouldnt matter whether we won or lost as far as keeping the number 2 seed and the bye.

Not sure if Fox will do that,what with having to prepare all out all week anyway, but it would give more flexibility and I could see him sitting Peyton, Champ and maybe Von/Doom and a few others at the half if there is nothing more than a 13-3 record to play for and we have a decent lead at half in any event.
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