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QB can't do anything about 8 pass plays being called. And I'm reasonably certain I can show just about every QB in the league starting a game 2 for 8 at some point.

And great followup logic there. I guess using your standard, if we lock down the 2 seed, we should still volunteer to go play in Foxboro, since we couldn't have gotten there unless the Niners did our dirty work for us. Only a hater could cry about the way the league works week in and week out.
Still can't answer the question. And way to make a fool of yourself. Correlating seeding help with not even getting into the playoffs is so the same.

Fact is tebow would not have taken the broncos to the playoffs had rivers lost. Because tebow LOST that day. And the fact you fail to answer that is hilarious.

Don't really understand your last sentence. But since you never wanted manning in the first place I bet this season really must suck for you. Since he succeeded you couldn't use all those quips and zingers you had written up in your tebow diary about him failing.

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