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D.J. Williams

It's very, very rare to be in the Top 5 in both offense and defense. Denver is the best team in the league right now. I'm not scared of Houston (who doesnt show up for even semi-big games), or NE (who can't beat us in DEN), or BAL (for obvious reasons) or really anyone. Cincinnati is playing well, but I doubt they could win in DEN. Same for Indy. It's simply a matter of making sure we don't lose the turnover battle. That and injuries are really the only way we can foul this up. Keep your eye on the ball and we'll win the conference.

GB and SEA are playing at a very high level in the NFC, but Denver has done it more consistently and I feel really good right now against any opponent. Just hold on to the ball on offense and stay away from injuries and we should be fine.
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