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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Those guys last week were as about as bad as I have ever heard. Seems like most of the guys at CBS can't stand the Broncos.
Yep. Remember the Sean Salsbury steak comments a few years ago. Just trash talking us at an opportunity he could? Until he started looking like a jack ass, and was the only one saying them, he finally quit.

Well a lot these so called "experts, analysts, and know-it-alls" picked San Diego or KC to win the division and be SB contenders. And now they've become comfortable with what Manning is doing. He always has won this way or that way.....Or, what did you expect? Its Manning!

**** them all.

Even Deon Sanders had a hard time on NFLN saying that we're the most complete AFC team tonight. When we started winning he kept saying NE was better. Then we were at 7, then 8 in a row. He was still saying, that until we beat them, they are the better team. Not that I would completely disagree with him. He kept pointing out how we were beat early in the season. What he failed to mention was how much the team had grown and improved since that early in the season. Hes definitely a hater. One could see just how much it hurt him to admit.
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