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Originally Posted by spiralism View Post
Cincinnati or Indy would be little challenge to them. Houston on the other hand after a bye that might slow them down....

Never mind that anyways, us getting one would be huge, it means we'd have those two playing each other instead of needing to beat one then the other in all likelihood
They would play cinci (they are locked into the 6th seed) They are a physical team and although NE would likely win they will get way more beat up than if they had the bye that a 2 seed brings.

NE has never won a SB without a bye week.

We would play NE at home either way.

I don't think playing the Ravens or the Texans makes much difference we should handle either one.

Our biggest challenge on the road to the SB is NE. We just do not match well with them so if they have to play an extra game that gives us the smoothest road the the SB IMO. Some times a lower seed works out better for a particular team I think this is the case here.
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