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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
I'll take bye either way.

I don't see why you'd prefer 2 over 1 seed.

If we are 2nd seed we'd likely face NE and @ Houston to reach SB

If we are the 1st seed we'd face Colts/Balt and NE/Houston at home to reach SB.

I don't care what seed we end up getting but, unless you see upsets by top seeds #2 seed is tougher road. I'm not saying we can't win those games though. I'd rather see NE play 2 games before us.
as it stands now Houston at #1 Broncos at #2 and NE at #3 means NE has to play a wild card game. If Houston wins and we win sure we get the #1 seed but if NE wins (likely) they get the #2 seed and Houston drops to the #3 seed giving NE a bye. It's better to take the #2 seed and keep NE in the wild card game as vs a bye.

There is a good chance Houston will lose their first game bringing the AFCC game to Denver anyway.
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