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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
There are objective people on here, NON-SKINS fans, who can appreciate football and no what the skins weakness is.

If you want to glorify shanarat (which is something I call him for fun since I have chiefs/raiders friends), then by all means that's your choice. However, just realize that the reason you are labeled as an ultra-shanny person on here is because you ATTACK anyone who even has the slightest critique of him.

So in essence, no one takes you seriously because all you are is an ultra shanny fan boy (abnormally obsessive) that ATTACKS posters rather than being objective like all the other normal posters on here who are civilized enough to discuss and relay their opinion and not just scream SHANNY! SHANNY! SHANNY! or go into juvenile **** when some critiques dear old shanny's performance in all his responsibilities.

If you didn't attack posters no one would give a ****, but since you do, no one is going to STFU about it especially when all you do is come looking for that attention. BUMP SHANNY THREAD!
...I've criticized Shanny's moves on many occasions. Bringing back Gold and stunting DJ's growth was an awful move and I complained about it at the time. Getting rid of Coyer was an awful move and I criticized it. There are many more. Shanny is a human being with flaws like everyone else, but he's still a supreme coach nonetheless, especially when, as was the case in Denver, he had to coach with a hand tied behind his back due to garbage cheapskate ownership. Appreciate what you have.
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