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Marvin Austin

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Peyton wasn't even able to throw a football not too many months ago. Peterson is facing 8 man fronts and having success, but if you watch the tape, Minnesota has such creative wrinkles in the run game. San Fran faces similar 8 man fronts, but Gore does not have the break away speed Peterson does, otherwise he would have lots of yards.

It's Peyton and its not even close. Peterson will not even break the rushing record, so how exactly does he deserve to be MVP?
Flawed logic... What all time records is/did Peyton Manning break Denver made the playoffs last year with Tebow and the Vikings are playing with a crappy team excluding Peterson.

Denver will be left without a personal player award this year unless you count comeback player of the year as a major award. Let's hope we win what counts the most, The Lombardi.
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