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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
He's also already been suspended for a game this season by Jeff Fischer. Pretty public knowledge in STL that it was for smoking dope.

Me personally, I don't got a problem with the icky sticky and think it should be legal like booze and smokes, but the kid is going to cost himself and his team 4 of his services real soon and since previous punishments and a slide in the draft have already gone unheeded I'd be willing to bet he ends up with something more than 4 games before all is said and done.
As long as it is illegal as well as a banned substance in the NFL. We need to steer clear of any moron that uses.

But I think John and John have pretty much shown they are only looking for a few good men. Morons need not apply. They are looking for smart, fast, tough guys that for the most part were team captains in college.

So far that has been a great situation for us. No duds so far. Even they UDFAs they have went after have been those guys.
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