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I know you think I was saying that as well but you misunderstand my point, which is if Ryan did start Tebow the last two weeks and he managed to lead his team to 1 or 2 wins what that would do is make Ryan look the fool for not starting Tebow sooner. At this point Ryan want's no part of Tebow because it is a no win situation for him. .
I haven't really seen you go all in on this conspiracy theory. I was just pointing out armchair even bringing our coaching staff into it. Rex has been looking a fool before tebow showed up. He has foot fetish videos. Hes guaranteed SBs every year. He brought in HBO. The last thing on Rex's mind is being worried about the public thinking he's a fool

What if McElroy wins these 2 games? Its still the same fool effect for not starting McElroy.

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