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Writes Mike Freeman,
The main takeaways have been that Jets coaches were shocked at how poorly Tebow throws the ball in practice and his lack of accuracy was far worse than they knew. Why his accuracy issues were a shock is in itself a shock. The Jets also are saying privately that Tebow has difficulty digesting more complex offensive schemes and lingo.
Aside from his accuracy issues, Jets officials have privately been telling teams Tebow was too slow to play receiver, too slow to be a running back and doesn't possess the height or athleticism to be a tight end.
There was also the fact that defenses, unlike when Tebow shocked the NFL as a quarterback in Denver, have adapted to how he plays. They've studied enough film on Tebow to know his tendencies. And Tebow is not accurate or fast enough to overcome what those defenses know.
"You can see on film whenever he's in the game, teams just play the run," one scout said.

Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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