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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
This is absolutely ridiculous. You guys have to lay off that "coaches want to lose on purpose arguement" it makes anything remotely intelligent you say look completely not credible. You're actually saying they'd rather lose and get fired than play a ****ty QB?? These coaches aren't playing him cause he sucks. Not cause they are afraid he will win! This is the kind of thinking that just feeds the haters. Why would a coach want to bring someone in that requires them to DUMB down their team? That offense isn't "new school". That type of offense hides deficiencies of a player.
I know you think I was saying that as well but you misunderstand my point, which is if Ryan did start Tebow the last two weeks and he managed to lead his team to 1 or 2 wins what that would do is make Ryan look the fool for not starting Tebow sooner. At this point Ryan want's no part of Tebow because it is a no win situation for him. .
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