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Originally Posted by JakeZ01 View Post
So you are saying rex just sucks? Or is stupid? I agree. He should also be sued for defamation. What did he have to lose paying tebow? You think tebow would have been worse than sanchez? Thats the thing I don't get about the haters. Tebow is better than sanchez and orton..that is FACT.

To make him third string think thats deserved? It has to be just has to be.
Yes, it couldn't possibly be that he has trouble hitting the broad side of a barn FROM INSIDE THE BARN. It's definitely a conspiracy. Because guys with their jobs on the line usually hold grudges at the expense of winning.

"Tebow is better than sanchez and orton.. that is FACT." No, that's opinion. He won more than Orton, there's no doubt about that, but he's not a good quarterback. And even if he is "better than Orton," the stats of a quarterback -- you know, throwing the ball accurately, on time, etc. -- do not bear that out.

You really are an emotional wreck over this McElroy thing, aren't ya? My god, you're going to watch the Jets game today, under a blanket, rocking back and forth, just saying "it shoulda been Tim... it shoulda been Tim..."

Do I think Tim "deserved" to be third string? Well, that I don't know, and neither do you. See, there's this thing called practice. And even though you fellas with a mouth full of Tebow would never admit it, practice is generally what sets the lineup for games. We all know Tebow is TERRIBLE in practice; we've been hearing about it for ages.

Is it deserved? **** if I know. I don't care about the Jets in any legitimate way. I'm a Broncos fan.
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