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Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
Yep, and 1 year later history repeated itself. Rex Ryan had NO intention of starting Tebow once Sanchez had crapped the bed. God forbid that Tebow should win a game or two, or maybe even lead the Jets to playoff win...or two.

What really amazes me is that Ryan (and to a lesser extent Fox & Elway) was prepared to sacrifice a playoff run just to prove that Tebow *WASN'T* the answer.

All Tebow really needs to go nuts is the promise that he'll be the bona fide starter from Day 1 and that the coaches will play to his strengths. I honestly think that a lot of NFL coaching staffs are afraid of having to learn about the read option simply because it would require them to do something new. They're acting like a bunch of Old School COBOL or C++ programmer faced with new technologies like JSON and JavaScript and freaking out.
I'm not sure if he will ever be pocket passing QB that everyone believes you have to be..

I do believe that IF he is coached he will get better at it.. good enough to keep the defenses honest..

he will have to have a damned good OL in front of him but hey in order to win in the NFL you need to have a good OL..
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