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Does anyone really think last year they did not throw him in to do anything but quiet the crowd and cancel the billboards.

They expected him to fail. When he did not they were stuck and had to redesign the offense to his strengths.
There is little doubt in my mind that they had every intention of Quinn finishing out the season once Tebow lost a game or two. But the Tebow raised all boats and they were stuck.
Yep, and 1 year later history repeated itself. Rex Ryan had NO intention of starting Tebow once Sanchez had crapped the bed. God forbid that Tebow should win a game or two, or maybe even lead the Jets to playoff win...or two.

What really amazes me is that Ryan (and to a lesser extent Fox & Elway) was prepared to sacrifice a playoff run just to prove that Tebow *WASN'T* the answer.

All Tebow really needs to go nuts is the promise that he'll be the bona fide starter from Day 1 and that the coaches will play to his strengths. I honestly think that a lot of NFL coaching staffs are afraid of having to learn about the read option simply because it would require them to do something new. They're acting like a bunch of Old School COBOL or C++ programmer faced with new technologies like JSON and JavaScript and are freaking out about having to study up on the New School.
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