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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
Problem is, Tim wont ever to be able to come back from 21+ point deficits without an elite WR, and no elite WR is going to sign on with Tim are the starting QB. That's why a Tebow-led team will never be a Super Bowl contender.
That's about the size of it Mightysmurf. What happened last year was largely a near miraculous combination of serendipitous happenings that are very unlikely to repeat again for Tim as a QB in the NFL.

He has the heart, desire and physical strength ... however, Tim is lousy as a pro QB and he would need a top flight defense from the beginning that can keep the scores close and low while he struggles through the first 55 minutes of every game before he can get it together enough to pull a few of those games out of the fire.

He was lucky to have Von and Doom last year! Did you see how the team .. and Tebow .. struggled once Von injured his thumb and his pass rush was significantly impaired? It wasn't even mostly from the drop off in actual sacks by Von the last 5 games or so of the season, it was all the opportunity for Doom and others that Von's pressure opens up and the hurried confusion in opposing QBs seeing Miller blast through or around a 300lb lineman that we missed after he was injured and slowed down.

The D suffered and we lost 4 straight and only beat the Steelers in the wild card game due to a rare confluence of the Steeler's being decimated with key injuries and Big Ben totally gimpy and still it took a great play by DT after a decent throw by Tim on a great call by McCoy in overtime to squeak by... in addition to inspired play at home by the Oline and the entire defense as well. But Tim and our Offense was exposed by the last month of the season to any really competent and healthy competitive NFL teams.

The party was over and the same will be true unless, and until, Tim can also develop some 'real' NFL QB skill as well beyond his college QB spread offense talents. That is the truth.

Its true Rex was a fool (no surprise there!) and didn't even begin to know how to at least get the best from Tim, but Rex too must have seen the fundamental limitations with Tim's game that for all his great heart and character, I'm afraid will prevent him from ever experiencing anything close to the success he had with us again in his football career .. at least in the NFL.

I do wish him the best and think he CAN be a hell of an NFL football player at the right position, and maybe even a Wildcat kind of change of pace or deep red zone QB for some team, but as a full-on starting NFL QB for the long haul Don't hold your breath...

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