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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
Hey Sqbfan.

Nice line up! The only think I would even consider changing is possibly going with Gore .. even at Seattle .... over Doug Martin . The Rams run defense isn't shabby and DM has more or less flamed out the last few games , plus we dotn know if TB has bought the farm and will be going through the motions now that they are out of contention.

Most TB players seem to dislike Schiano and might not want to play hard from him now that the season is basically over anyway.... its a risk. Even is DM is playing hard with the Oline also give it everything they have or go through the motions like they did last week! Id avoid DM for that reason.

AJ Green is possible too in place of DM at flex RB/WR, but only because Ike Taylor is out and the rest of the Steeler's CBs are a little banged up.

Otherwise sit tight and you should win your title game ... Good luck!
Thanks. I got lucky with Martin, Gore and Charles after taking Johnson and Johnson in the first 2, then picked up Morris and Chris Johnson (he was dropped after week 5) in waivers. I'm only in an 8 team league though.

I'm a little worried because the other guy has Peterson and Brees. Those 2 alone can get about 50 points. I don't like Gore because Harbaugh forgets about him at times. If not for the fumble, I don't think he gets into the EZ last week. He is a stud when he does get the ball though. I think I'll put in Green because they need to win, so he will likely get his.
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