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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Outside of the draft I don't see any top WRs going to jags if tebow is the QB.
me either you would have to go for ones out of the draft as much as possible. Really though you may only need to carry 3-4 WR but then extra rbs and TE's even maybe. Really the offense could work but needs a WR like Harvin to realy pull it off.

Look at the skins though. The throw deep out of that piston read option formation and rg3 only has 2 passing options on those plays. Usually a short/medium or a short/slong type situation.

I was laughing at how Jets used Tebow the other night. They wanted him to look bad. The Jets are the biggest bunch of turd coaches ever assembled. Ryan is a joke now. His defensive front are pretty awesome but his overall personality for running a team is a joke.
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