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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Awesome that is the best place for him. To make Tebow win, and IMO you could win games with him, you will need to design the offense all around a read option. His passing options should be easy, a deep WR to look at, and a short wr to look at. Lots of roll outs cutting the field in half, pistol formations etc. They will need some WR who really want to block and get dirty. That wont be easy to find. But with a kick ass oline, a mean defense, and a some good rbs I think Tebow is a winner. Not saying he would win Superbowls, but that is tough to do in the NFL. I do think he would play in the playoffs a lot though.
Outside of the draft I don't see any top WRs going to jags if tebow is the QB.
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