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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
Have a lot of the same players from this team

In the championship matchup I have a couple of guys I am deciding on

Leaning towards Moreno over Trent Richardson as my flex
But I also own Cecil Shorts and Reggie Wayne and have to start 1 opposite Julio Jones

Afraid to bench Wayne as I have started him all year
But Cecil has been on a tear
I know the dilemma BroncoBuster, I started Wayne a lot too this year as a number 3 flex WR/RB slot and he was often a decent performer and pretty consistent until the last month of so .. except for that one TD game a few weeks back, But he has not sniffed the end zone lately and it seems he might be running out of gas a bit after the long season at his age?

Shorts is hard to bench as he really has hit his stride and has been a solid roughly 13 point guy the last 6 weeks or so. I also have Decker to consider in place of both SHorts and Wayne in several teams and that is very tempting with him coming on again the last couple weeks.

I would go for KM over Trent too, although no doubt Trent will be active in close red zone action near the goal line and could grab a couple scores if they are within the ten yard line a few times tomorrow.

But he isnt really 100% either and Im counting on out D to contain him at our house as our D has most other top backs the last couple months. I think ,, hope .. KM has another bust out day with two TDs and 165 combined yards tomorrow and eating a lot of time off the clock while keeping those chains moving in a well balanced all-day attack.
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