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I just love listening to the haters throw out statistical arguments that not only make zero sense, but actually suggest exactly the opposite of what they're saying, and then have them fall back on "Teebsuxfrospyros!"

The truth of the matter is if you or I were able to truly and accurately spot the skills that "overcome the NFL hump" we'd be multimillionaires. I'm not sure anyone in the world exists that can predict such a thing with greater than 50% or so accuracy.
Well you threw out a statistical arguement a couple pages back that made zero sense, and backfired by proving DenverDui55's point. It doesn't take a genius to see how bad Tebows fundamentals were compared to a prospect who could throw. That doesn't mean that prospect will succeed, but its a bit easier when you got footwork and throwing down. Compared to just lumber jacking your way with ugly play.
It's not about predicting anymore. It was when he was drafted but not now. The sucking has been seen already. I don't need to predict how bad tebow is spiraling down. It's already being done.

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