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Bradley Roby

Have had a lucky year so far in FF with 5 out of 6 teams making it to each leagues respective Championship game starting today .. the sixth team is playing for the 3rd runner up spot.

I do have a few undecided starters on each team and would appreciate any suggestions from Omaner FFballers .. all collective insights and suggestions will be gratefully considered.

Will list each team roster for those 5 teams in the final game and will highlight those players I'm still debating about starting in red below.

These are mostly winner's league teams and no ppr rules.


QB - Peyton (aka God) vs Browns
RB - Lynch (Seahawks) vs SF (considered Gore but not instead of Lynch in SEA)?
RB - Morris (Skins) @ PHI
WR - Julio Jones (ATL) @ Lions
WR - Cecil Shorts (Jagwads) vs NE (Consider a flyer on Amendola @ TB?)
TE - Aaron Hernandez (NE) @ Jagwads
WR/RB - Knowshon the Man vs Browns (Consider Gore here? but not vs SEA while KM is at home vs Browns?)
Kicker - Tynes (NYG) @ Ravens
Defense - Texans vs Minn (considering a flyer on Colts D @ KC versus season starter Texans D that has played pretty well in FF??)

BN - Frank Gore RB (SF) @ SEA
BN - Sproles RB (NO) @ Dallas
BN - Amendola WR (STL) @ TB
BN - Reggie Wayne WR (INDY) @ KC
BN - Mike Williams WR (TB) vs STL
BN- Colts Defense @ KC (flyer possible due to great match-up at KC?)


QB - Cam Newton (CAR) vs OAK
RB - CJ Spiller (BUF) @ MIA (Start CJ due to Fred Jackson on IR = more carries for CJ, also with Trent R @ Denver's tough run D)
RB - Knowshon the Man (US) vs Browns
WR - Eric Decker (US) vs Browns (Considered V Jackson here but Deck coming on again last two weeks and Joe Haden covers DT = more chances for Deck?)
WR - Julio Jones (ATL) @ Lions (Jones usually does best on the road)
TE - Dennis Pitta (Balt) vs NYG (Started Owen Daniels all year- Pitta a debatable flyer due to better ^^ in recent weeks vs. Daniels .. not decided)
WR/RB - DeAngelo Williams (CAR) vs OAK (Trent R or V Jackson possible options here? But DeAngelo really busting out last few weeks!)
Kicker - Shayne Graham (HOU) vs MINN
Defense - Broncos D vs Browns

BN - Andrew Luck QB (INDY) @ KC
BN - Trent Richardson RB (CLE) @ Denver
BN - TY Hilton WR (INDY) @ KC
BN - Vincent Jackson WR (TB) vs STL
BN - Reggie Wayne WR (INDY) @ KC
BN - Owen Daniels TE (HOU) vs MINN


QB - Tom Brady (NE) @ Jagwads (Year long starter but considering Cam vs OAK for this matchup?)
RB - Marshawn Lynch (SEA) vs SF
RB - Alfred Morris (SKINS) @ PHI
WR - Demaryius Thomas vs Browns (Decker an option here with Joe Haden on DT??)
WR - Cecil Shorts (JAGS) vs NE (Decker, Amendola, R Wayne options here?)
TE - Dennis Pitta (BALT) vs NYG (Jermaine Graham is normal starter here - Consider flyer on Pitta due to more scores last few weeks and no Tory Smith = ^ passes)
WR/RB - Knowshon Moreno the Man vs Browns (Decker/ Amendola possible option but KM playing very well last three weeks and at home vs Browns)
Kicker - Tynes (NYG) @ Ravens
Defense - Bears (CHI) @ Arizona (enough said)

BN - Cam Newton QB (CAR) vs OAK (A viable option instead of Brady when its Cam vs. Faders at Carolina!?)
BN - Danny Amendola WR 9STL) @ TB (porous pass D = possible big day?)
BN - Eric Decker WR (US) (Normally start both Decker and DT on this team but DT up against Joe Haden and with Deck turning it on lately he might be the safer play and Shorts for JAC has been steady good)
BN - Reggie Wayne WR (INDY) Waynes FF points have declined in recent weeks
BN - Jermaine Gresham (CINCY) tough matchup @ PIT (However PIT has banged up secondary and no Ike Taylor. Have started Gresham this year here and done Okay.. may reconsider going with Pitta here and start JG?)
BN - Shayne Graham Kicker (HOU) vs MINN - (toss up between Graham and Tynes)[/COLOR]


QB - Peyton (In Whom We Trust) Manning vs Browns
RB - Marshawn Lynch (SEA) vs SF
RB - Alfred Morris (SKINS) @ PHI (Morris, Lynch and Peyton are core of several of these teams all season)
WR - Charles Johnson (Lions) vs ATL (Only reason its CJ is because he IS CJ and gets lots of yards even when double teamed even if iight on TDs - Decker a real option here to considering Lions collapse last few games?)
WR - Cecil Shorts (JAGS) vs NE
TE - Aaron Hernandez (NE) @ JAGS
WR/RB - Knowshon Moreno vs Browns (??risk DeAngelo Williams vs OAK or Decker here?)
KICKER - Shayne Graham (HOU) vs MINN
DEFENSE - Chargers (SD) @ NYJ -- (Match up play, Chuggers D has to be better than Sucky Jets O with third string QB?!? .. Right?!)

BN - DeAngleo Williams RB (CAR) vs OAK
BN - Darren Sproles RB (NO) @ DAL
BN - Randall Cobb WR (GB) vs TEN
BN - Eric Decker WR (US) vs Browns
BN - Reggie Wayne (INDY) @ KC
BN - STL Defense (RAMS) @ TB


QB - Peyton M vs Browns
RB - CJ Spiller (BUF) @ Mia (Stronger on CJ here @ MIA with Fred Jackson on IR)
RB - Alfred Morris (SKINS) @ PHI (been riding Morris all year to good effect)
WR - Randall Cobb (GB) vs Tenn
WR - Cecil Shorts (JAGS) vs NE
TE - Jermaine Gresham (CINCY) @ PITT (JG has been relatively consistent but not great all year .. with Ike Taylor banged up and other injuries on Pitt D he might be a better choice than Pitta vs Cincy?? A hard one to call)
WR/RB - Knowshon Moreno (US) vs Browns
Kicker - Lawrence Tynes (NYG) @ Ravens
Defense - Colts (INDY) @ KC (Considering flyer on Colts D @ hapless KC Offense vs season starter Cincy D @ Pitt?)

BN- Vic Ballard RB (INDY) @ KC (tempting match up start but not with Spiller, Morris and KM on board?)
BN - Darren Sproles RB (NO) @ DAL
BN - Danny Amendola WR (STL) @ TB (might be a good flyer instead of Cobb or Shorts with DA going against TB pass D?)
BN - Owen Daniels TE (HOU) vs MINN (Daniels started much of season but hasnt been the same since return from hammy)
BN - Dennis Pitta TE (BALT) vs NYG (risk flyer potential instead of Gresham @ Pitt or Daniels vs Minn?)
BN- Bengals Defense (CINCY) @ PITT (potential tough match up for normal starting D)

Well there it is! Many thanx for any who wade through all or some of it with any comments or suggestions. I'll be honing it down tonight and first thing Sunday morning and locking down the remaining options. Only have CJ at the lions and Julio Jones with ATL to confirm before 6:15pm Mountain time tonight

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