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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The purpose of sites that are databases for statistical information aren't every going to be appealing to the eye, nor likely have someone who is designer intensive to make it look aesthetically appealing. Very few actually pull it off. They want their data easily accessed and cross-compatible with various browsing platforms. Having a beautiful site isn't their goal, but yes, I do agree that it looks like something I'd of stumbled across on Netscape Navigator back in 1997 on a Pentium II machine!
Exactly, but just because it's not the main goal of the site, it doesn't mean it can't at least be a decent experience. It doesn't have to beautiful but it really doesn't take that much to make stuff like that a little easier to look at and navigate. They already have the data and the engine, it really wouldn't take that much time or effort, just a little bit of thought and some front end coding.
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