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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Found this website trying to find head to head wins for Denver vs New England to shut up some ChowdaHead trying to give me the business on a Browns forum. Hahaha, isn't that funny. He said the Pats own the Broncos all time, of course I had to point out, thanks to this website, the Broncos OWN the Pats all time 27 - 19.

But anyway, you can get almost any NFL data you could think of at this website. Box scores from 30 years ago, superbowl winners, coaches stats, player stats, head to head matchups, whatever you want, it's there.
Went there and looked around and it occurred to me.
Denver, Buffalo, and the Vikings take a lot of heat for losing
four Super Bowls.
But no one ever mentions the darlings of the league, the Patriots,
have also lost four Super Bowls. Two with football god Brady.
And of the ones Denver lost, the only one that anyone really expected
them to win was Washington. While everyone expected the Patriots to
beat the Giants.
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