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Originally Posted by baja View Post
First off I don't think Tebow is ready to play qb. but foot boy will not start him because IF he were to win a game or two with his magic footboy would look the fool for not starting Tebow sooner when it might have mattered. No footboy is taking the safe way out by not starting Tebow, this way he can not make footboy look the fool.

So footboy is not playing Tebow not because he thinks he can't play but because he is afraid he might win a game or two.
That's moronic. I'm shocked it came from you.

Rex wins or he's done in New York. "All Tebow does is win!" And if that were true, if he thought he could win with a guy who cannot complete a ****ing pass, he'd be playing. At least playing MORE. But he isn't; they've given the nod to McElroy.
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