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They have a long three part article (Part I - Part II - Part III) on comebacks. Elway wasn't the leader.

Forty-seven. The most famous number when it comes to quarterbacks and fourth quarter comebacks is 47. It may also be the most misleading number in NFL history. No matter what source you look at, John Elway is credited with a NFL record 47 comebacks in the 4th quarter. This leads much credence to the "clutchness" of a QB in his career, and is often cited in debates between Elway and other great QBs. But if you research all of his wins, you will have found that he is being credited for comeback wins in a game that ended in an overtime tie, and in several games the Broncos never trailed in the fourth quarter. You cannot come back when there's no deficit to come back from. Dan Marino, always credited with 37 comebacks, has been ranked in 2nd place since retirement. Even has 37.

Currently, Marino sits 3rd behind Favre (42 is the widely reported number) and Elway (lucky 47). But when the PR staff for the Miami Dolphins exclude wins that the Dolphins never trailed in the 4th quarter, while the Favre and Elway people do not, does that not suggest a serious issue with the validity of these “records”? And why has this been allowed to go on for over a decade?

That's where my research comes in.
4th quarter comebacks
  1. Peyton Manning 37
  2. Dan Marino* 33
  3. John Elway* 31
  4. Fran Tarkenton* 29
  5. Vinny Testaverde 29
  6. Brett Favre 28
  7. Joe Montana* 26
  8. Warren Moon* 25
  9. Johnny Unitas* 25
  10. Drew Bledsoe 24

Game-winning drives
  1. Peyton Manning 48
  2. Dan Marino* 47
  3. Brett Favre 43
  4. John Elway* 40
  5. Warren Moon* 35
  6. Fran Tarkenton* 33
  7. Vinny Testaverde 33
  8. Drew Bledsoe 31
  9. Tom Brady 30
  10. Kerry Collins 30
  11. Jake Plummer 30
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