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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
No ****? I had no idea a team was capped on what they could pay an asst coach. That is pure BS IMO.
Why? The uber rich teams would pay them so much they would never leave to go else where.

If that were the case would you want to compete with WaS or DAL for JDR?

IIRC it is part of their collective bargaining agreement they have with the NFL.

Part of being unionized.

I seem to remember Bobby T wanted to take a lateral move to the skins and they had to give him a promotion to assistant HC to free him up from his contract in Den. As a position coach, it was part of that conversation when I heard they had a wage scale.

I suspect that it increases with longevity and their is a COL provision so those living in a high rent area like NYC vs BUF they would not starve.
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