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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
You realize Manning is better, that is good. You still believe Tebow can be a good Qb..... ahhh, not so much.
nothing is impossiable but tebow has to be able to learn to be one lifting weights til you got arms like hulk hogan isnt going to cut it.
Tebow has to relearn everything he is still young so it is possible he wont be as good as brady ,elway, manning, Favre , Bradshaw ,McMahon ,Kelly , Kubiak , Montana , luck rgIII , dawson ,plunkett , Palmer ect maybe he can be good like Kosar , or Bubby . til he retires there is always a chance albeit kinda slim right now he could be better , time will tell if he washes out or gets a fire lit under him and does whatever it takes to get better.
i still wonder why is he treated so special ?
and why people stilll care about him granted he is a super nice guy but there is alot of nice guys in the nfl .
also how many heisman QB winners go on to be awesome QBs?
im going to guess hardly any
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